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General Information.


This assessment addresses issues relating to the golf course only and does not consider any risks which may be present in or around the Clubhouse, or Green Keepers compound. Risks associated with Green’s Keepers work duties are not considered within this assessment and are subject to a separate risk assessment.

General Course Topography.

The site containing the golf course is, approx 68 Acres. It is located in Upton-By-Chester. The course consists of 18 holes, practice area, practice putting green, chipping area and practice nets.

The course is flanked to the west by the Chester to Liverpool railway line and Earls Oak Drive. To the North by Linksway and Upton Lane. To the South east is Mill Lane and to the East Heath road. The course is bisected between the 2nd and 3rd holes and the rest of the course by Church Lane.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th fairways have properties along the left-hand side.

The green keepers building and ‘Halfway-House’ are located to the left of the 7th green. The Chester to Liverpool railway line runs along the right hand side of the 8th and 9th fairways.

There are properties on the approach to the 7th and 12th green.

The 15th hole has a deep pond to the front of the Tee.

There are properties on the left and front of the approach to the 16th green.

The 18th hole has a deep pond to the front of the Tee and there are properties and ‘The Clubhouse’ around the 18th green.

Public Access

The only public access points to the course are located at the main entrance and at the crossing point in Church Lane to 2nd & 3rd Holes

Staff Working on the Course.

Green keeping staff working on the course have priority at all times & no golf shots are to be taken if the staff are within range unless said staff acknowledge player and stand aside.

Use of Trolleys, Electric Trolleys and Motorised Buggies.

Use of Trolleys, Electric Trolleys and motorised Buggies –This will be the responsibility of The Course Manager, or his representative who will daily check course condition and a sign will be displayed outside the Professional shop and on the clubhouse notice board advising the membership of any restrictions imposed.  

Any visitor bringing their own buggy must provide a copy of an insurance certificate

providing 3rd party public liability before use of the buggy on the course is allowed.

This copy will be retained in the administration office.

All buggy drivers must be over the age of 17 years.

Lightning Policy

In event of lightning or threat of lightning the course will be closed by a Club Official or Professional Staff.

The air horn will be taken by buggy and sounded at 15th tee For closure of the course it will be sounded intermittently.
A sweep of the course will take place and all players will be told that they must

Immediately vacate the course; it is not an option to continue at your own risk.

Signage is to be placed on 1st Tee stating that the course is closed.

Course may be re-opened by Club Official or Professional Staff   once the risk of lightening is deemed to have passed. The closure sign will be removed.

Painted White Lines. G.U.R

At times there are temporary white painted lines sprayed at various locations on the course.

These are appropriately placed to denote GUR and to assist the Greenkeepers to maintain vulnerable parts of the course. Under no circumstances

must golfers with trolleys or buggies cross these lines.


All golfers (members & visitors) must ensure they have golf shoes which are adequate

& suitable for the ground/weather conditions on the day of play.

Players Insurance.

All golfers (Members & Visitors) are required to have adequate 3rd party insurance to provide cover for liability at law for damages payable in respect of: Death or bodily injury. Loss of damage to material property.

Safety Notices

Any temporary safety notices (chemical spraying etc) will be displayed accordingly.


The Course Director is responsible for maintaining this risk assessment.

Risk Assessment.

Risks on a hole by hole basis for the course for each hole the type of risk will be graded as detailed below:

High risk
Medium risk
Low risk

Where the risk is High to Medium, a possible solution/recommendation to eradicate or reduce the risk will be suggested.

When defining the location of a risk by reference to a particular hole this is ascertained by looking from the Tee towards the Green.

Publication of Risk Assessment

A copy of the full risk assessment shall be available in the following locations:-

Club Website, General Office, Pro Shop, Men’s changing rooms, Ladies’ changing rooms.


Acknowledgement: The Directors wish to thank member Mr P. G. Parry who carried out the majority of this assessment.


Be aware of the behaviour of other golfers and their place on the course. Do not play a shot until you are sure there is little risk of your ball hitting any other person particularly if you are hitting towards an area hidden from your view. Always shout "FORE" if you hit a wayward shot.

Some bunkers have steeply sloping sides. The risk of slipping on these slopes is high. Always enter and leave from the lowest point and never take trolleys on to these slopes.

Some tees and greens have sloping sides. To avoid risk of slipping and skidding do not take trolleys on to slopes surrounding tees.
In wet conditions many slopes are very slippery. lt is essential that footwear designed for golf is worn at all times. In addition slopes considered to be particularly risky will be roped off and are to be avoided when approaching the 7th green players must allow the players ahead of them to clear the green keepers building before taking their approach shots.

There are 2 holes - 15th and 18th with deep water. They have steeply sloping sides and are designated as water hazards by yellow posts. Entry to the areas on the pond side of the yellow posts should be made only in extreme circumstances and with great care. No trolleys are to be taken on the pond side of the yellow posts.

Beyond the 18th green there is a compressor and blowing devices for the cleaning of golf footwear and trolleys. This equipment should be used responsibly and with great care. Compressed air equipment can be highly dangerous if misused

Any accidents occurring on the course are to be reported immediately to the Club Office or if the office is not attended, to the Professional shop

The Course manager is responsible for deciding if buggies can be used on the course if conditions are wet. His decision will be relayed to the Professional's shop.

You are advised to use caution when going down or up any steep incline on the course, particularly when using golf buggies or trolleys. Adherence to the instructions detailed on any directional signage for buggies and/or trolleys is also essential in order to minimise risk in this respect.

You are advised that chemicals are occasionally sprayed on the course and to avoid oral contact with anything that comes into contact with the golf course (clubs, balls tees etc) caution signs indicating that chemicals have recently been sprayed on the course will be displayed on the first Tee.

Golfers must always stand well back behind the player who is playing his shot, both on the tee and on all other areas of the Course. A swinging golf club can be dangerous and can cause damage.

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